In Concert 

Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 “Sorrowful Songs” - International Genesis Orchestra

Sofia, Bulgaria, 14 March 2018

Beautiful performance of 'Vehadi’ by Lisa and the Genesis Orchestra

Performance of 'Sanvean’ by Lisa and the Genesis Orchestra

Latest Releases


Polish Composer Zbigniew Preisner's new album 'Preisner: Melodies Of Youth', performed by Lisa Gerrard and pianist Dominik Wania, is out now on Supertrain Records. 

Preisner is well known for his film soundtracks including Dekalog, The Secret Garden, the Trois Couleurs trilogy, La Double Vie de Veronique and many more. His collaborations with the famous polish director Krzysztof Kie lowski prompted Preisner s first concert work in the late-1990s his Requiem for My Friend. 'Melodies of My Youth' is a new full-length album of nine selections for piano and voice with Gerrard. Anchoring this album is the stunning piano performance by Domink Wania. Full of nostalgia and beauty the music is what is claims to be, Preisner s reflections on Melodies from his youth growing up in Poland behind the iron curtain. 

The album is available across all digital platforms. Discover now on iTunes >> 

Besant Hall Records, sub-label of Air-Edel Records, released 'Hiraeth' by Lisa Gerrard and David Kuckhermann in August 2018. ‘Hiraeth’,the welsh word meaning “longing for the place where your spirit lives”, is an accomplished presentation of eclectic rhythms from around the world.  Ambient textures of electronics and strings are teamed with an airy, ghostly wash of vocals from Lisa Gerrard resulting in a powerful and unique sound. Hiraeth received a Grammy nomination for 'Best New Age Album'.

“It has been a dream in my heart for such a long time to embrace and enfold a tribe of like minded kindred spirits. A place to unlock and deliver the three dimensional desire to create a bridge of uncensored connectivity. Creating sounds in a state of surrender that defy the persons of judgment and academia and allow us to embrace each other devoid of division and confusion. You are so very welcome to share in this labour of love for it is all for you.”  - Lisa Gerrard

Hiraeth Album Cover.jpg

The album is available across all digital platforms. Discover now on iTunes >> 


PIAS Recordings have released 'Dionysis' by Dead Can Dance in November 2018.  

Musically, Dionysus is an impressive and ambitious amalgam of the band's previous leanings like the sampled and kaleidoscopic nature of Into the Labyrinth (4AD, 1993) and the percussion dominated Spiritchaser. (4AD, 1998). There are no songs here in a classical sense as it was done on their previous records. The song format was completely eschewed as a concept. Divided in two compositions that are further subdivided into several movements, the duo took the constituent elements of some of its past and further refined them into an enormous sound bathed in a myriad of melodies and polyrhythms. Each of these acts and their movements has distinct moods and ambiances that reveal varied soundworlds with fresh nuances and facets with each new listen. As a result, Dead Can Dance creates a non-linear, genre-less concoction that merges tribal beats, ambient sounds, folk instruments like bagpipes, Bulgarian choirs, dulcimers, highly-manipulated samples into a decontextualized whole, an idea that is close to composer and conceptualist Jon Hassell's concepts of Fourth World Music. As a result, literally, the listener is transmuted in both geography and dimension.  -  All About Jazz

The album is available to buy and stream across all digital platforms. Discover now >>


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