In Concert 

Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 “Sorrowful Songs” - International Genesis Orchestra

Sofia, Bulgaria, 14 March 2018

Beautiful performance of 'Vehadi’ by Lisa and the Genesis Orchestra

Performance of 'Sanvean’ by Lisa and the Genesis Orchestra

Night 2

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“The operatic tics of Gerrard’s voice merge with Maxwell’s anthemic, cinematic music spectacularly…The euphoric, sometimes ambient Burn sounds like an enigmatic requiem” – MOJO Magazine

On 7th May 2021, Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell release their album ‘Burn’, with Atlantic Curve, a London-based label created under the Schubert Music Europe umbrella. This collective effort was produced by James Chapman of Maps.


“Burn approaches us with an air of mystery, offering up tunes that are a chimera of exotic influences. Ambient electronica, folk music from around the world with a special emphasis on Middle Eastern sound, gothic operatics and joyously overwhelming orchestral moments are morphed and woven into each other to create the richly textured fabric of this album. A deep and almost spiritual aesthetic guides this album as they start to work notions of trance music into these tunes. 

The duo use a multitude of cultural references as a starting point but seemingly synthesise these influences into something that sounds strangely new and somewhat alien. Burn creates a reflective space into which listeners can immerse themselves and mediate on the dreamiest of sounds.

Gerrard’s voice is as powerful and seductively ethereal as it ever was. In uncertain times this is reassuring for old school Dead Can Dance fans. Burn is as essential as anything else in Gerrard’s unique songbook.”  – TheMusic.Com

The album is available to buy and stream across all digital platforms, CD & White 180g Vinyl. Discover now >>


The Genesis Orchestra, led and conducted by Yordan Kamdzhalov, have collaborated with renowned vocal artist and composer Lisa Gerrard for a new recording of Henryk Górecki’s Symphony No. 3, also known as the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.

Originally written for performance by a solo soprano, the three movements have been lovingly reworked and rearranged to suit Lisa Gerrard’s deeper register, creating an other-worldly and completely unique rendition of the piece.

When Yorden Kamdzhalov (Maestro of the Genesis Orchestra and Choir) suggested the somewhat daunting and intriguing challenge of visiting Gorecki’s Songs Of Sorrows, I almost fainted delightfully with surprise. Not only was the work usually completely out of my range, the libretto was written in Polish, but how could I resist Yorden’s completely innocent belief in which at that time seemed to be impossible. On we went relentlessly into the ever widening circular pools of Gorecki’s inner despair, a poignantly humbling departure from hope where only the long winding shadowing strings and softly hallowing woodwinds lead us trustingly through a beautifully agonizing acceptance of our inevitability. - Lisa Gerrard

The album is available across all digital platforms. Discover now on iTunes >> 


PIAS Recordings have released 'Dionysis' by Dead Can Dance in November 2018.  

Musically, Dionysus is an impressive and ambitious amalgam of the band's previous leanings like the sampled and kaleidoscopic nature of Into the Labyrinth (4AD, 1993) and the percussion dominated Spiritchaser. (4AD, 1998). There are no songs here in a classical sense as it was done on their previous records. The song format was completely eschewed as a concept. Divided in two compositions that are further subdivided into several movements, the duo took the constituent elements of some of its past and further refined them into an enormous sound bathed in a myriad of melodies and polyrhythms. Each of these acts and their movements has distinct moods and ambiances that reveal varied soundworlds with fresh nuances and facets with each new listen. As a result, Dead Can Dance creates a non-linear, genre-less concoction that merges tribal beats, ambient sounds, folk instruments like bagpipes, Bulgarian choirs, dulcimers, highly-manipulated samples into a decontextualized whole, an idea that is close to composer and conceptualist Jon Hassell's concepts of Fourth World Music. As a result, literally, the listener is transmuted in both geography and dimension.  -  All About Jazz

The album is available to buy and stream across all digital platforms. Discover now >>