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With a vision and vocal style that is as unique as it is precise and all-embracing, Lisa Gerrard has established herself as one of the world’s most highly acclaimed film composers and vocalists.

Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 “Sorrowful Songs” - International Genesis Orchestra

Sofia, Bulgaria, 14 March 2018

Beautiful performance of 'Vehadi’ by Lisa and the Genesis Orchestra

Performance of 'Sanvean’ by Lisa and the Genesis Orchestra

Night 2

Latest Releases

One Night In Porto.jpeg

One Night in Porto Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

Released:  Digitally on 12th May 2023

Label: Atlantic Curve

The album is available to buy and stream across all digital platforms, CD & Vinyl. Discover now >>


Following on from the release of her collaborative album ‘Burn’ last year, alongside Dead Can Dance’s Jules Maxwell and James Chapman from MAPS, Lisa Gerrard has now joined forces with producer and composer Marcello De Francisci for the stunning new LP ‘Exaudia’.


Working alongside a team of other musicians including Bahar Shah, Astrid Williamson, Daniela Arbizzi, and Farhad Behroozi, ‘Exaudia’ looks to combine the broad and euphoric textures of De Francisci’s production with the warm and haunting vocals of Gerrard. Described as “a feminine embodiment of poetic expression”, the record plays majestically with this narrative, inviting a rich and vivid texture within each offering.


Explaining how the collaboration came about, Lisa said, “I met Marcello while I was composing for a film called Kings, he had wonderful engineering skills and I liked him as a person. After a while we decided to try composing together and went on to compose some film scores.


“This work was borne out of a desire to write something together during Covid, there is also the artistic desire to embrace the opportunity to unlock our unfulfilled visions. The album is very physical in its construction and sensibility, it is a deeply sensual work that enjoys a sense of empowered subtlety.”

Adding about the inspiration behind the record, Marcello De Francisci said, “For quite some time I had been playing around with the idea of composing a brand new track to Lisa Gerrard’s vocals on “Diary for the Fallen”. I wanted a darker and more brooding version, which could be attributed to Hans Zimmer’s “Time” from the “Inception” soundtrack without plagiarising his work. I wondered what it would have sounded like if Lisa Gerrard had sung on something of this nature, in addition pushing the envelope even further by writing an aria towards the end of this piece including orchestra, choirs and percussion, which would result in one grand finale. It had to be something completely our own”.

The album is available to buy and stream across all digital platforms, CD & Vinyl. Discover now >>

BURN_ALBUM_COVER_ART_3000x3000 copy.jpg

“The operatic tics of Gerrard’s voice merge with Maxwell’s anthemic, cinematic music spectacularly…The euphoric, sometimes ambient Burn sounds like an enigmatic requiem” – MOJO Magazine

On 7th May 2021, Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell release their album ‘Burn’, with Atlantic Curve, a London-based label created under the Schubert Music Europe umbrella. This collective effort was produced by James Chapman of Maps.


“Burn approaches us with an air of mystery, offering up tunes that are a chimera of exotic influences. Ambient electronica, folk music from around the world with a special emphasis on Middle Eastern sound, gothic operatics and joyously overwhelming orchestral moments are morphed and woven into each other to create the richly textured fabric of this album. A deep and almost spiritual aesthetic guides this album as they start to work notions of trance music into these tunes. 

The duo use a multitude of cultural references as a starting point but seemingly synthesise these influences into something that sounds strangely new and somewhat alien. Burn creates a reflective space into which listeners can immerse themselves and mediate on the dreamiest of sounds.

Gerrard’s voice is as powerful and seductively ethereal as it ever was. In uncertain times this is reassuring for old school Dead Can Dance fans. Burn is as essential as anything else in Gerrard’s unique songbook.”  – TheMusic.Com

The album is available to buy and stream across all digital platforms, CD & White 180g Vinyl. Discover now >>

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