With Marcello De Francisci

Studio Album by Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci. Download comes complete with Artwork.

All audio content comes in your choice of FLAC, Apple Lossless files or High Quality DRM-Free 320kbps MP3


01 Ex Nihilo - "Out Of Nothingness"
02 In The Beginning Was The Word
03 Hymns Of A Promised Land
04 Hidden Garden
05 Diary For The Fallen
06 Renunciation
07 Himalaya
08 Departum
09 Maya’s Dream
10 To Those Who Seek Forgiveness
11 All Things Impermanent
12 River Dance
13 Cor Nobilis - “The Gentle Ones”
14 Adagio For A Broken Promise
15 Sacred Journey
16 The Secret Language Of Angels
17 A Kingdom Now Forgotten
18 The Lost Star Of Menelik (Bonus Track)
19 Let The Children Play (Bonus Track)